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Dies ist ein Little Planet Bild kreiert aus einem 360° Foto der Freiwilligen Feuerwehr in Angermünde fotografiert von Stefan Klenke

In den letzten vier Jahren habe ich viele spannende 360°-Projekte für VR-EASY umsetzen dürfen. Im Juni 2016 fing ich als totaler 360°-Beginner mit dieser faszinierenden Art des Fotografierens an. Bis dahin hatte ich mir schon in etwa zwei Jahrzehnten als professioneller Fotograf viel Wissen aneignen können.  Es war dennoch ein steile Lernkurve zu bezwingen.

In the past four years I have been able to implement many exciting 360 ° projects for VR-EASY. In June 2016 I started this fascinating way of photography as a total 360 ° beginner. By then I had acquired a lot of knowledge as a professional photographer in about two decades. It was still a steep learning curve to climb.

360 ° Shots of the large Conference Room in the Holiday Inn Berlin Schönefeld
Vorschaubild eines 360° Fotos des Holiday Inn Hotels in Berlin Schönefeld fotografiert von Stefan Klenke
This project, for which our company VR-EASY was commissioned, was about capturing the largest conference hall of the Holiday Inn at Berlin Schönefeld Airport in high-quality 360 ° images. It should be clearly shown how versatile the 625m² conference hall can be used - as a support for the hotel in marketing the location.

Making Of - Report here >>

360° Virtual Tour of the Berliner Ensemble (Theater am Schiffbauer Damm)
Vorschaubild eines 360° Fotos des Berliner Ensemble (Theater am Schiffbauer Damm) fotografiert von Stefan Klenke

The Berlin ensemble is located in the beautiful Theater am Schiffbauer Damm. I was supposed to take a 360 ° shot in the middle of the room, so that as many seats as possible could be seen. How I got the camera to a height of 4m and mastered the extremely difficult lighting situation can be read in the Making Of.

Zur Making Of Seite >>

Virtual 360° Tour of the international Sea Port in Wismar
Preview image of the virtual Tour of the international Seaport in Wismar
As a curious person, I am particularly grateful to receive assignments that give you insights into completely new worlds. One of these fantastic worlds is the seaport in Wismar. Goods such as road salt, scrap metals, timber and cars are loaded and unloaded there on an industrial scale - from ships to trucks and trains and vice versa. It was very eye-opening to get to know a small part of the gigantic international freight logistic and transport machinery.  You can find some of my 360° photos    when you click here >>>   

360° Photographer Stefan Klenke taking 360° panoramic images at the international Seaport in Wismar (Germany).


360° Rundgang des Waldfunkeln Lodge in Hinterzarten (Schwarzwald)
Vorschaubild eines 360° Fotos der Waldfunkeln Lodge in Hinterzarten im Schwarzwald

The WaldFunkeln Lodge houses a number of luxuriously cozy apartments, co-working space, wellness and sauna area. It was important for the operator Christine Reppert that her high quality standards in the development of this hostel are also reflected in a virtual 360 ° tour. In addition to the 360 ​​° photographs, I also captured the entire building in classic pictures in two and a half days, all of which can be seen on the website .

Die WaldFunkeln Lodge beherbergt ein Anzahl von luxuriös-gemütlichen Ferienwohnungen, Co-Working-Space, Wellness- und Saunabereich. Für die Betreiberin Christine Reppert war es wichtig, dass ihr hoher Qualitätsanspruch bei der Entwicklung dieser Herberge sich auch in einem virtuellen 360° Rundgang widerspiegelt. Neben den 360° Fotografien habe ich in zweieinhalb Tagen auch das gesamte Gebäude in klassischen Bildern festgehalten, die es allesamt auf der Webseite  zu sehen gibt. 

360 ° photo live concert Rammstein cover band Stahlzeit (Familiengarten Eberswalde)
Vorschau-Bild für 360° Foto von Rammstein Cover-Band Stahlzeit im Familienpark Eberswalde 2019 fotografiert von Stefan Klenke

As a "classic" event photographer, I have photographed countless live events, concerts and festivals over the past twenty years. In summer 2019 I was able to use our high-resolution 360 ° equipment for the first time to capture the full energy of a gig. A really big technical challenge!

Mehr über die Entstehung des Fotos...>>

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